Working Session #3 - Regroup, Define, Revise

After completing the previous session, this session allows for refining the sample CATALOG OF CONTRIBUTIONS.

This session allows for participants to come back from a break and make any changes, based on their own thoughts, or from other group presentations of Working Session #2

This section is optional, depending on the outcomes of Working Session #1 “Define”.

Groups may have different definitions and different CATALOG OF CONTRIBUTIONS. We want to make sure that the work already completed is evolved, and no work rejected.

If groups have differing definitions, it may be more useful to keep in separate spaces and have separate tracks of work. If definition is the same, could combine into one group and work together (only if workshop size is small enough)

If we worked in isolation and came up with the same answers, that is a data point!

Depending on the discussion, create new breakout(s) for 15 minutes.

Sample clarifying question:

  • “I see Group A identified Task X. Group B: how does work fit into our model?”

Small groups:

  • This session can be skipped after confirming no revision required.

Presentations of Work #3

This work will be presented in the next session.