Multiplayer Workshop

A workshop designed for multiple participants

Who is an ACROSS Multiplayer Workshop for?

This workshop is for a group of community members.

What do we mean by “community members”? If you work with others in open source to achieve a goal, you are part of a community.

This workshop is scoped to run for 4 hours, either as a single session, or broken up over several sessions.

If you are an individual wanting a self-guided process, go to the single player workshop

An early note on terminology

This workshop states it is about helping communities support their projects. In this case: “community” can be a team, open source organization, open source project, etc, and “project” can be the organization itself, an open source repo, an open source event, etc.

However, these terms aren’t meant to exclude any group. This workshop is in itself an exercise in definition and nuance. As such, when adapting materials for your instance of this workshop, search/replace for “[PLACEHOLDER]” for your project, topic, area, community, collective, group, scope. See Slide 2: “About Placeholders” for more information.