Recover and reassess.

This is a classic ‘short retro’, where participants should be non-verbally prompted to provide feedback about what they learnt: what they liked, what could be better, what could be improved.

The scope of this could be the workshop itself, the application of the CATALOG OF CONTRIBUTIONS, [PLACEHOLDER] contribution schemes, anything.


  • try not to use this session to ask for commitments from participants to implement anything designed in this workshop, or agree to perform any other work. This workshop has been long, and participants may feel pressure from tiredness or group peer pressure to agree to ongoing commitments.
  • as a facilitator, try not to prompt during this section. Allow participants to offer feedback, but don’t guide positive feedback.

After the workshop

  • Send a Thank You email to all active participants
  • Follow up separately with your leadership regarding implementing any designs, updates, or CATALOG OF CONTRIBUTIONS created.