We have two workshops:

These workshops are designed to be separate entites, based on the number of participants (many, or one.)

Who is playing

The size of the group determines the best workshop for you

Many people

Just me

What are these workshops about?

The ACROSS (Attributing Contributor Roles in Open Source Software) virtual workshops are designed to:

  • Bring folks together from an open source community to identify what kinds of work and activities create, sustain, and foster their project
  • Help projects improve how they identify and recognize of their contributor community
  • Improve the overall visibility of the work needed to maintain open source communities

In these workshops we will walk you through the process to identify the work that is being done, then help you create or improve your existing documentation to make that work visible.

Who designed this workshop?

This workshop was created and is maintained by Project OCEAN (Open Source Complex Ecosystems and Networks).

OCEAN is building a community-oriented body of research focused on understanding how open source platforms are used and what makes technology-rich environments thrive.

ACROSS is a part of this work.