Fictional Project Samples

Examples of outcomes from Working Session #4

Fictional Project: Rocksoft

Story: Salty Seaotter and Peppa Plankton developed “Rocksoft”, an application that helps carnivorous sea creatures access food from hard-shell invertebrates.

Their website is hosted at, and includes information about their project, events, and community.

Template Call for Participation

Early stage event organizing

Help organize Rockconf 2028!

Rockconf is back again, the annual gathering of Rocksoft enthusiasts and professionals, which will be hosted in Catherine Archipelago from 24-28 May 2028!

We are looking for organizers to help make this event happen! Please use [this application form] to register your interest.

Organizers will have full access to the event, and travel dispensation (up to 500 clams, 1000 for international travelers).

Current opportunities:

  • Program reviewers
    • Rockconf receives more than 300 talk submissions annually, and we need help reviewing these submissions.
      • Timeline: Dec 2027 - Feb 2028
      • Work: reviewing submissions, discussing selections with Program Chair
  • Volunteer coordinators:
    • As we get closer to the event, we are seeking assistance to help organize the volunteers!
      • Timeline: Feb 2028 - event day
      • Work: helping identify volunteers required, assessing application, on-site wrangling.
  • More here!

Late state event organizing

Help run Rockconf 2028!

We are a few weeks away from Rockconf 2028, and we’re seeking volunteers to help us with on-site activities.

All these activities are on-site work. They require physical participation, but should not take more than 1 day of the four day event. With many volunteers, we can distribute the work so that even our volunteers can enjoy some of the presentations and events!

Accepted volunteers will be provided with access to the event (including meals and access to all talks and workshops) (or a refund if you’ve already paid), and travel dispensation (up to 200 clams, 400 for international travelers).

Current volunteer opportunities:

  • Session chairs:
    • Work: Help introduce speakers, present timekeeping cards to help speakers not go over time, facilitate questions and answers.
    • Time required: 2 x 3 hour session blocks
  • Room monitors:
    • Work: Ensure speakers find their presentation rooms, notify green room should issues exist outside the ability of the session chair to assist.
    • Time required: 2 x 3 hour session blocks
  • Safety team
    • Work:
    • Time required:
  • more here!

Template Contribution Guide

Contributing to Rocksoft

Rocksoft is managed by Rockcorp, and welcomes contributors from anyone!

For first time contributors, we’ve created this guide to help you work out where your skills can be best applied.

New Engineering:

  • Rocksoft uses Gitlab as source control and bug tracking. Bugs marked with “good-first-issue” are good candidates for newer contributors to assess.
  • Pull requests are processed through our testing system, and we use [bot name] to check for various machine-checkable fixes (linting, formatting, etc). Pull requests require two approvals, including at least one from our technical advisory group for new features.

Tutorials and guides:

  • We would love to feature your use cases of Rocksoft! See our [tutorial guide] for how to get your tutorial listed in our documentation.


  • We are always after people to try out our alpha releases of new versions of Rocksoft. If you encounter issues, please ensure you mark your version with the output of rocksoft --info to help our team identify if you’re on an alpha release.

More here! Some of these prompts use the “We value” statements from Working Session #1!

Template Recognition Document

Rocksoft v3.4 released

Rocksoft v3.4 has been released, including the improvements to the Shiny algorithm, and a preview of the new Holding-hands feature coming in v4.0. Read more in our [release notes].

Rocksoft would like to thank all those who contributed to the release:

  • Release manager: Salty Seaotter
  • Security review team: …
  • Feature contributors:
    • Shiny: …
    • Holding-hands: …
  • Code reviewers: …
  • Beta testers: …
  • Reporters of bugs resolved in this release: …