Working Session #4 - Apply

With the foundation you have created, this session focuses on applying that work.

There are many forms that this could take, and your project may already have something like these.

We have created a number of example templates for you to use, based on a fictional project.

The three templates types are:

  • Call for Participation: a defined list of needs at a point in time, for a specific timed event.
  • Contribution Guide: a general purpose how-to guide for new contributors to a project.
  • Recognition Document: a list of previous contributors to a project.

The example templates can be found in the Fictional Project Templates section of this guide.

Using one of these as a guide, or working from your existing documentation, apply the work completed in this workshop and build out one of these documents, specifically for your project.


  • Re-use the previous working session’s results as a starting off point

Presentations of Work #4

Give each breakout group five minutes to present their results, and ten minutes to discuss with the workshop as a whole.